The 2021 Bookish Gift Guide

1. UnHide blanket– words cannot express my love for this faux-fur blanket. I have this one, I got this one for mom last Christmas, I’m giving this color to my cousin and I got this one just in case I need another gift because I know I’m forgetting someone.


use this code to score 25% off at checkout!

2. Loose leaf tea infuser-the one we have is from Teavana, and when my cousin sent it to me I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. but this one is similar!

3 Page Anchor- If you want to buy just one Anchor, you’re in luck! Their Black Friday sale has ALL their products at 20-40% off.

4. Patagonia pull over– I have a purple one from my high school days that I still wear that still feels like it’s brand new-that’s how good the quality is. I’m currently in love with this one, buttttt it’s expensive so here’s a cheaper version and an even cheaper one that I’m currently wearing.

*note* the Lands End one is on sale!

5. wireless earbuds- My Beats headphones are great and all, but wearing them with my reading glasses gives me a headache. Enter the Beats Fit Pro-it has an adjustable wing tip that’ll conform to your ear and adjustable earpieces for your canal.

6. book light-just grab one. Seriously. Not negotiable.

7. Bombas slipper socks-How cozy do these look!? I came an ad for them (targeted, much?) and even though I told myself not to, I clicked on it. Now my feed is full of Socks.

8. Candle- my Smells Like Books ‘book lover’ candle is not only aesthetically pleasing, it smells awesome! Pssst- get 10% off with code ‘SPECIAL10’.

9. book subscription box-Recently, I got the Down the Rabbit Hole dark books subscription box and I freaking adore it (I ordered the Nov. and their special edition Agatha Christie one also!) Each box comes with

  • A dark paperback or hardcover book.
  • 4-6 high quality individually packaged and numbered gifts mentioned or inspired by what you’re reading.
  • Carefully placed stickers through out your book letting you know when to open your gifts.

10. books-duh

11. bookish enamel pins- I’m obsessed with my collection- My Secret Copy has a ton of cute ones, but just search Etsy.

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