Dark Academia books

1. They Never Learn

Revenge, dark academia and a cunning serial killer? How can this not be a favorite! Check out my post about it here.

2. The Maidens

Secret societies and murder abound!

3. If We Were Villains

I just got this one! Excited to read it.

4. Black Chalk

Probably my most anticipated read of this list!

5. Ninth House

Harry Potter for adults. P.S. I’m still waiting for the sequel Leigh Bardugo!

6. Vicious

TATE MCRAE WHERE YOU AT?! Also, superheroes er-villains. Just superpeople.

7. The Secret History

Probably the dark academia be all and end all.

8. These Violent Delights

Obsession and violence-need I say more?

9. The Truants

Another one that’s definitely high up on my TBR! (it’s Agatha Christie and The Secret History combined-EEEK!)

10. Atlas Six

I don’t know how I missed this one…maybe because it’s more fantasy.

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