5 book playlists

If there’s one thing I love (besides books, Chris Evans, Marvel, dogs, movies, creating, my family etc.) it’s music! Here are playlists that I made for 5 of my favorite books and how my mind sees their CD covers- I had to.

The queen of mystery! Words cannot express my love for this book. Have I read it more than 10 times? Yes. Do I listen to the audiobook over and over again (Dan Stevens’ voice is BUTTER!)? YES.

You know when you find a song that just fits with a book so perfectly? That’s how I felt when I heard Greek Tragedy by The Wombats with The Silent Patient.

Oh gosh this book. Let’s span 5 decades, 7 husbands, numerous dramas, 2 epic love stories and the woman who weathered it all in 390 pages.

Bad Guy by Billie Eilish can be used as a theme song for lots of the books I read, but honestly I think it fits TKWK best.

This one was harder to make. Only 10 songs?! I Hate Everything About You makes me laugh and laugh.

Get more book playlists on my Spotify!

6 thoughts on “5 book playlists

  1. I love this so much. I’m a big fan of connecting songs and books, so the fact that you made whole playlists for these books is wonderful. I really need to re-read And Then There Were None and I must listen to this playlist!



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