For all my fellow thriller book nerds out there, I bet you haven’t heard of Riley Sager (that’s sarcastic, btw)! Last Tuesday, his latest jaunt takes us back in time to those nostalgic days of Nirvana, black and white movies, and when getting into a car with a complete stranger was acceptable.

Okay, it wasn’t acceptable, but it wasn’t as scary as it is now (Über really took that concept and ran with it).

I will read Riley Sager’s grocery list y’all, but believe me when I say that STN is his best work yet. I read this beauty back in February and can’t stop thinking about it. Several book clubs that I’m in picked it for their next read and I’m more than willing to re-read it (okay, get it on audio!).

Here’s what I wrote about it back when I got an eARC- shout out to Katie (@thegratefulread) for the digital copy!:

Just FYI: I’m listening to ‘Come As You Are’ while writing this review. I’m pretty sure that song is this book’s theme song.

Charlie-GIRL YOU PUT ME ON AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER. Of course I felt for you, even if I didn’t fully understand your choices. Then I kept thinking ‘omg girl so many red flags! Listen to your instincts!’ Then ‘why didn’t you say something!’ Then ‘thank goodness you didn’t!’ Then finally, ‘YOU GO GIRL! YOU GOT THIS!’

Josh- I keep writing then deleting what I want to say about him. So for those who have read it-do you like him or not?

Robbie-dude’s got some serious issues.

This was a locked room mystery and it’s also not… the majority of the setting is in a car so I guess in that respect it is, but the end totally opens up. And oh the 90s! Soooooo 90’s- the songs, the cars, the references. I forgot when it was set at one point and so I was super confused with one of the current events mentioned…

As for the plot, at some points it really is character driven (see what I did there?!). It’s a horrible situation and is super sad.

The resolution was EPIC! Like it’s one of those that you can see in your head so clearly. It’s made for the silver screen.

Like most thrillers I review, I always think I have a lot to write, but turns out that if I write more, I will give it all away.

This is my new favorite Sager! Thank you Katie for the eARC and for organizing a Zoom convo with Riley. Y’ALL GO READ THIS BOOK!

Okay, enough with the words, my #sagersquad friends have shared their reviews, casting choices, mood boards and wine pairings! I’ve added my own offering with a 40 song playlist!

I’ve linked their posts below and I HIGHLY recommend checking them all out!

1. @amy.lee.goulden 2. @thebookishalix 3. @thrillerbookbabe 4. @the__reading__beauty 5. @gareindeedreads 6. @prescribedreads 7. @candice_reads 8. @amy.lee.goulden (yes, again, because this mood board is 🔥🔥🔥)

and finally, my playlist!

I only shared 10 songs on the graphic, but to hear/see all 40 click on the playlist!

Order of Sager books according to my favorites:

What’s your favorite Sager book?

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