THE JIGSAW MAN blog tour

Thank you Hanover Square Press for the eARC!

About the book:


Author: Nadine Matheson

ISBN: 9781335146564

Publication Date: March 16, 2021

Publisher: Hanover Square Press

In THE JIGSAW MAN (March 16, 2021; Hanover Square Press), Detective Inspector Anjelica Henley has a lot to deal with on her first day back her from leave from the Serial Crimes Unit of Scotland Yard. After nearly becoming a victim of the vicious serial killer, The Jigsaw Man, just before he was put behind bars, she also has to contend with the subtle digs and microaggressions that come with being the unit’s only black female detective. Add a new trainee and a rocky marriage to the mix, and DI Henley nearly has a full plate. Until the first call comes in…

Along the Thames, a fan of the Jigsaw Man and copycat killer has scattered two dismembered bodies along the shores like a jigsaw puzzle. When DI Henley sees one of the victims, a young black woman, is already being written off by her colleagues, she makes it her mission to solve the case, driving her to seek help from the original Jigsaw Man himself, Peter Oliver. Oliver, however, is determined to get to his copycat before Henley can, and sets into motion a series of events that puts Henley and her family in the crosshairs of two monstrous serial killers. 

Read chapter two here!

My thoughts:

I enjoyed this debut! This one had me cringing (in a good way!) from the first couple of sentences.

The story revolves around DI Angelica Henley. She’s messed up, tough dealing with lots of personal and professional issues. She’s complicated and I can definitely see the series continuing around her.

Peter Oliver, dude is really a psycho. And there is a copycat out there?! He is outraged of course because two psychos?! The former psycho doesn’t like this latter’s psychos form of flattery.

Plot wise, this one is a gruesome police procedural. I find some police procedurals to be slow, it was a little snooze fest at times, it kept me turning pages! While this one is almost 500 pages long, I felt like it couldn’t and could’ve been shortened.

This is a police procedural yes, but it also reveals a riveting backstory from Henley. Like I said earlier, Henley is a strong character, but yes she’s so complex.

Here we go in London again-will I ever get tired about that setting? The limit doesn’t exist. Also, will I ever stop quoting that line from Mean Girls? The limit also doesn’t exist.

Of course the obvious cat and mouse, copycat killer and twisted personal backstory all contribute to the conflict. I don’t want to get into more/talk about the resolution because again I will give it away.

Mashups: The Cutting Room, any police procedural and I’m Every Woman by Chaka Kahn.

About the author:

Nadine Matheson is a criminal defense attorney and winner of the City University Crime Writing competition. She lives in London, UK.

Social links:

Author Website

Twitter: @NadineMatheson

Facebook: @NadineMathesonWriter

Instagram: @QueenNads


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