The Kind Worth Killing book review

The Kind Worth Killing is a GREAT thriller novel! One of my favorites for sure.

About the book:

On a night flight from London to Boston, Ted Severson meets the stunning and mysterious Lily Kintner. Sharing one too many martinis, the strangers begin to play a game of truth, revealing very intimate details about themselves. Ted talks about his marriage that’s going stale and his wife Miranda, who he’s sure is cheating on him. Ted and his wife were a mismatch from the start—he the rich businessman, she the artistic free spirit—a contrast that once inflamed their passion, but has now become a cliché.

But their game turns a little darker when Ted jokes that he could kill Miranda for what she’s done. Lily, without missing a beat, says calmly, “I’d like to help.” After all, some people are the kind worth killing, like a lying, stinking, cheating spouse. . . .

Back in Boston, Ted and Lily’s twisted bond grows stronger as they begin to plot Miranda’s demise. But there are a few things about Lily’s past that she hasn’t shared with Ted, namely her experience in the art and craft of murder, a journey that began in her very precocious youth.

Suddenly these co-conspirators are embroiled in a chilling game of cat-and-mouse, one they both cannot survive . . . with a shrewd and very determined detective on their tail. 

My thoughts:

That is one helluva good book.

It’s probably up there with The Silent Patient and Gone Girl as one of my favorite thrillers.

Okay, as a lot of you know- I am so over this domestic drama crap. So as soon as I read ‘my wife is cheating on me’ I internally groaned. 

Let me just say that this affair starts out predictable, but is twisted and manipulated. 

LILY! I’ve probably never rooted for anyone as much. Despite the fact that she does some pretty terrible and despicable things. The way her mind works is twisted and I’m here for it!

Miranda. Oh Miranda, how I hate thee. Gold digger, boyfriend stealer, manipulative witch, affair haver, master plotter, nymphomaniac. Should I go on? 

Ted! My heart goes out to you buddy. Even though you do have a crazy side. 

Kimball kinda creeped me out in a good way?

There’s a MAJOR plot twist right at the beginning that made me audibly shot ‘NOOOO!’

And the ending? Total ‘oh shit!’ inducing. 

It’s a SUPER quick read (like 311 pages!) and it starts immediately with the story. The first words are so simple, yet suck you right in.

Midsummer Night’s Dream, Strangers on a Train and Gone Girl vibes. 

Short review: I’m the bad guy…duh. 


Emily Van Camp as Lily Kitner (yes, I know Lily has red hair…)

Okay, I may have imagined Ted from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as…Ted

It’s rumored that Amber Heard will play Lily, but I saw her more as Miranda.

Dominic Cooper as house contractor Brad

Don’t @ me. Andrew Garfield would kill this role as Detective Kimball.

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